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Are you interested in Nikola Tesla and his inventions?

If so, are you a Beginner:

Who wants to build his first Tesla coil?

Who has a Tesla coil running but want to improve it?

Who wants to learn how a Tesla coil works?

Who wants to know what kind of parts you need to build a

Tesla coil, and where you can get them?


Are you an Intermediate or Expert Tesla coil builder who would like to share what you have learned with others who are just beginning to get into this fascinating hobby?

Have we got a place for *you*!

*** TESLA-2 ***

The *only* Tesla list specifically devoted to Beginners!

Tesla-2 is a moderated list. That means that it has a specific focus. On Tesla-2 you will only find postings that directly relate to Beginners and their Tesla Coils, and discussions of Nikola Tesla and his works.

You can ask questions and actually get answers you can understand. You can find out what others have done and *are* doing. You can tell others about how you are building your coil and get feedback that may help you improve it. Learn where to get parts for your Tesla coil. Learn how to build your own high voltage capacitors. Learn simplified Tesla coil theory. Find out what works and what doesn't work, and *why*! Learn formulae that will help you design your coil so that it actually works! Get access to programs that will help you design your Tesla coil. Download Guides being prepared by the people on Chip's Tesla list that will give you useful information about the various parts of the Tesla coil. Download a list of Safety Hints. Learn about Radio Frequency Interference and how to reduce it. Find out about cool websites that have Tesla information, including pictures of working Tesla coils. Learn about Nikola Tesla and some of his other amazing inventions. And because this is a moderated list, if you post something that has more to do with, say, high voltage dc power supplies, then we'll try to point you in the direction of some other sources of information on the internet that may be useful to you. But if it ain't Tesla related, you're not going to see it cluttering up Tesla-2. Nothing here but Arc and Spark!

And once you've outgrown your need for Tesla-2, we'll help you get involved in a Tesla list that is more for Intermediate and Advanced Tesla coilers. This is a lifetime hobby, folks!

Think Tesla-2 is *your* kind of place? Sign up now. It's free, of course.

Those interested contact Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer Just click away

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