1995 New Orleans Jazzfest Photo Album

Here are even more samples of my Jazzfest photo archive. Currently I only have about 20% of the pictures I've taken developed - so there's more to come...

To view a higher-resolution JPEG, select the appropriate image (256-color+ recommended) More pictures can be found on Mike Perry Media Photography.

The legendary Chuck Berry - you gotta love the polyester bell-bottoms!

Wilson "Wicked" Pickett

One of the hottest bass players in the world: George Porter, Jr. from The Meters, seen here with his own band: George Porter and Runnin' Pardners. Paul McCartney was quoted as saying George Porter [Jr.] was his favorite bass player.

Ray Charles. These old-timers sure know how to dress. Where can I get one of those jackets?

Pete Seeger. Not only is this guy a brilliant performer and songwriter, but if you ever get a chance to hear an interview with him - don't miss it! I caught this shot while he was on the Music Heritage, telling stories and playing music with his Nephew.

Jazz legend - Sonny Rollins. Despite his age, he put on an energetic and brilliant show in the Jazz tent.

This is an interesting view of Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes during his performance at the House of Blues stage - to give you a little bit of an idea of what it looks like when you're performing at the festival - rising above a sea of people...

John Popper from Blues Traveller - these guys put on an incredible show!

If you want to see more images, check out Mike's Jazzfest Photo Archive - a collection of images from previous years.

For you photo buffs out there, I'll outline a bit of info on how I produced these pictures. Most of the shots were taken with a Nikon 8008s using a variety of lenses including a 50mm f1.2, 35-80mm and a Tokina 20-35mm f3.3-4.5. I also shot a lot of pictures with a [really crappy] Quantaray (cheapie Sigma) 80-200mm zoom - I really want to get a Nikon 80-200 f2.8D but can't spare the bucks for the lens (so if anybody out there wants to sell one real cheap, let me know ;-) I prefer to use Fuji or Kodak Royal Gold film - these shots were generally done with 100-400 ASA with the aperature as wide as possible.

I prefer to shoot print film since I do not have a slide scanner, but I generally shoot at least one roll of slides (usually Velvia) of every important subject. The images online are from prints, scanned at 200 dpi and resampled using Aldus Photostyler (which IMO is the best-written image program even though it's now a dinosaur). I also use Corel PhotoPaint, aka "please wait.." version 4.0 to save the images into GIF and JPG formats.

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