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ICorp's specialty is hosting advanced web systems and special client/server projects. We run our own high-speed network exclusively dedicated to web hosting. Performance and reliability are our main concerns.

If you are looking for cheap web space, we're probably not for you. If you're looking for awesome service and excellent performance, then you are in the right place. ICorp isn't interested in competing with "wholesale web space providers"; our network is far more powerful and our investment in technology cannot warrant competing with piecemeal networks on price alone. In the long run, there is no comparison; there is no savings in going with the "cheapest web space" - because that's exactly what you get: cheap service. We are going for quality over quantity.

The ICorp Web Philosophy

There is one principal tenet we believe all of our customers should follow. They must understand the dynamics of the Internet - a medium for the unencumbered exchange of information; a forum for large scale collaboration. In this spirit, we encourage all of our clients to cross-promote each others' sites. What this means is that when you come on board with ICorp, you're not only getting great service and unique technology, but also the combined PR power of everybody else on our network. We have sites with over 100,000 visitors a day - we will use these resources to direct traffic to your new site, and will encourage you to do the same for others. In the end, we all win.

If you are running mission critical applications; if your focus is on the bottom line and are looking for a return on your investment, you can't go wrong using ICorp services. Our priorities are your priorities.

Web Services

ICorp has one of the fastest and most powerful web networks in the world, with servers effortlessly handling in excess of two million hits a day, and resources spanning four seperate backbone providers on two continents from North America to Europe. Entire networks at ICorp are exclusively dedicated to web hosting, electronic commerce and other applications; separate servers are available with a plethora of advanced services including:

Agencies and Web Presence Providers - ICorp welcomes your business. The vast majority of our business is through agents, marketing and ad agencies and other providers. We can offer technology to increase the services you can offer your clients and increase the markets you can address. Our goal is to provide you with a fast and reliable infrastructure from which to support your clients - We take care of the technical details of making the network and advanced systems perform flawlessly, leaving you to concentrate on presentation and making the client happy. We prefer to establish strategic alliances with key agencies and support customers indirectly through you - there's never a worry about unethical business practices; we operate, ever-vigilant, from the background to make sure your projects perform as expected. Give us a try and you'll see ICorp is a standard by which all other networks should be compared in terms of performance, attention to detail and advanced services & reliability. After all, you're not dealing with an average ISP - we have all the tools you need under one roof and are dedicated to the web, and in most cases we designed the systems ourselves so nobody is more capable of delivering the ideal application for your needs.

"ICorp Published Web Prices"

Add-On Web/Internet Services

In addition to basic hosting, development and connectivity, ICorp offers a wide array of standard and value-added services to its customers:

Other Internet Services

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