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ICorp's advanced internet services are based on unique in-house technology. All of the available systems were custom designed and developed by our organization and represent some of the most efficient and advanced systems you will find online. Our products and services are continually being enhanced.

From online shopping and automated web page creation, to statistics & demographics, web-based databases and more, ICorp has systems already developed and proven. In all cases, our systems are extremely powerful and flexible - a standard server may be designed for a particular application - our systems are configurable and customizable so that there are endless possibilities! If you are looking to enhance the capabilities of what can be done online, talk to us.

Here is a sampling of some of ICorp's Technology, along with references to existing sites:

The "Engine" Online Shopping System

The Engine is a complete online shopping system - from beginning to end the system handles everything necessary. You simply specify your product information, lay out your html pages, then plug-in the Engine and everything is automated. The system will keep track of customers, shopping baskets, process orders, generate invoices & acknowlegements, and allow advanced searching through your inventory of items. Best of all, The Engine works with ANY browser (so NO potential customers are alienated as a result of what software they're using) - it automatically detects what browswer is in use, what resources are available (tables, frames, encryption, cookies, etc.) and customizes its output on-the-fly for the best performance and appearance - all automatically!

It would be an injustice to call our system a simple "shopping cart program" - it is a full-featured database and order processing server. As with all of our software, The Engine is fully-customizable via html and can be used for individual storefronts, or large multi-vendor shopping malls. The system can take process multiple orders for multiple vendors and separate all the products at time of purchase behind-the-scenes and send each merchant their portion of the order automatically. The system can use a central, searchable database of products (which can be maintained through a web browser or imported from other sources), or product information can be embedded in the html form itself. The searching abilities of the Engine are impressive; virtually any piece of information on file can be part of a search query and multiple conditions can be established easily (i.e. search for all products with "Springsteen" as the artist, in a format of "CD" in the category of "Rock Music").

Shopping Engine Features:


Detailed information on The Engine

Sites using The Engine:

SURVEY.NET - Automated Polling/Demographic System

Survey.Net is a prominent internet site showcasing another one of our advanced systems which we identify with the same name. ICorp's flagship system, Survey.Net is an automated, intelligent, online polling system which generates instant reports and handles a wide variety of options and user input. Survey.Net is recognized world-wide as the premier site on the Internet for opinions and user demographics. (accolades and press are too numerous to mention here, but can be found on the site itself)

ICorp's Survey system takes standard html forms of multiple choice questions (in a variety of formats) and instantly compiles the data and automatically generates output reports of the latest results. The system supports different types of data and questions, including user-specified "essay-type" input which is automatically appended to special comment pages.

Like all of ICorp's software, the output from the system is completely customizable, so each survey can have a unique look-and-feel if desired. The beauty of Survey-Net is that unlike other polling systems, our system is fully self-maintaining - set it up and let it run and it continuously compiles information and stays fresh and topical. In addition, Survey.Net incorporates several levels of advanced protection against users completing multiple surveys, improperly answering questionnaires or otherwise attempting to tamper with the survey data. All activity is logged and the system has the ability to exclude particular users or hosts.

In addition, Survey.Net is an ideal promotional tool - we have a variety of online surveys covering a wide range of topics from internet demographics, religion, online commerce, politics, to sex and drugs. This yields an extremely large and diverse group of people from the online community, and makes our data more accurate than other narrowly-marketed polls. 80% of those who visit Survey.Net come back regularly to view the latest data!

ICorp runs the main Survey.Net site as a public service to the Internet community, and subsidizes the system through advertisements (not related to survey subject matters) and private surveys by contract. Contact webmaster@survey.net for information on advertising or private survey services.


Sites using The Survey.Net System:

WebSet - Automatic Home Page Creator

WebSet might look rather benign at first glance, but this program is incredibly advanced - in essence, WebSet is a system that will allow you to create your own web pages online through your browser. OK, that doesn't sound all that innovative right? Except that with Webset you can also go back at any time and EDIT the pages as well! There are some systems on the web that have this feature, but they're all designed for a very specific format of web page - WebSet is unique in that it uses special "style templates" to offer a virtually unlimited number of different styles/appearances of web pages. All you do is fill out a simple form and *bingo* your web page is created. Administrators can create a variety of different web page styles that a user can choose from. Imagine the possibilities here! This allows you to set up a portion of the web site that can be remotely maintained; ISPs can offer hassle-free web pages for their users; consultants can set up systems so that clients can modify portions of their site without intervention, etc. WebSet is completely "programmable". You can restrict user input in a variety of ways - you can allow users to create their own pages offline and instantly put them on the web - WebSet will check the html pages for illegal commands and validate the page before making it available. Users can even upload their own graphics, which WebSet examines and then copies to their private directory. And best of all, virtually no HTML knowledge is required to create web pages using WebSet - each template can be created for differing levels of sophistication. There's NOTHING like this on the net anywhere!

If you want to play with WebSet, we've created a "guest" account with a password of "guest" (no quotes). Be advised that anyone who creates a page will overwrite the previously created page, and this is obviously a public/test account. Check out the new customizable Newspaper template! Click here to edit the last page, or here to see the last page that was created/edited on the guest account.


Sites using The WebSet System:

MQuote - Automate changing content on your site

MQuote is a simple script which has a variety of interesting uses. While this program may be rather mundane in comparison to the other, more-complex ICorp systems, MQuote is a good example of how even a simple script can be used to build a very interesting and dynamic site.

MQuote sequentially parses (reads) a standard text file of blocks of information, then outputs this data. Each call to MQuote retrieves the next block of information, until the end is reached and the cycle repeats itself. The data can be html commands, graphic advertisements, or just about anything that you want to display/rotate on your page. There are several "flavors" of MQuote based on the environment under which you're using it. There is a version designed to be called as a standard script, which omits cgi header information that can be used to create features such as a "random jump to a site" type button, and other versions designed to work as a server-side-include, executing whenever a page is accessed - this allows you to have rotating advertisements, or snippets of information on screen which change each time a user visits your page - automatically.


Sites using MQuote:

ICorp MDb Engine - Web-based database system

This system is also currently known as the "Classified Engine" because the first site demonstrating this technology was a web-based classified ads system. However, the MDb server is much more powerful and flexible - it's a general-purpose database system with advanced searching and output capabilities; completely customizable, and able to be implemented in a wide variety of scenarios.

Like all of ICorp's systems, MDb can be completely controlled via hidden html commands, which affords the web site designer maximum flexibility in determining the look-and-feel of the pages. In addition, MDb incorporates a special html-parsing system which allows you to take standard html pages, read them with the database engine, and insert records directly into the pages in the format you specify - a database template that you control the appearance of - and it even supports all FORM fields and options.

MDb is a full-featured database system, offering all of the performance and options you would expect with a non-internet-based program. Data can be added, modified or erased at any time, directly from a browser. There are numerous security options, and individual records can even be password-protected. MDb also includes a number of fancy features such as the ability to display the age of a record and erase data based on how old it is. MDb also includes an advanced lattitude/longitudal database system which can be used to calculate the distance between two locations and use this as a searching parameter (i.e. a user can specify his location, and then search through the database for other records posted by or relating to something within X miles of his current location; likewise a user can also search for records that are X days old).

Unlike other database systems, MDb is a general purpose system. The first release of MDb has been designed to accomodate a wide variety of applications and uses a standard data structure that can accomodate most scenarios - this means that we can build fancy database-related sites in a very short period of time, but the system can also be quickly customized for more advanced types of data. MDb has too many options to list here, but supports searches using multiple conditions, embedded images and much more.


Sites using MDb:

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