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ICorp Advanced System Services

Like our products, ICorp's advanced internet services are based on unique in-house technology. All of the available services were custom designed and developed by our organization and offer an unparalleled array of power, security, flexibility and monitoring.

Site Entrance Tracking (SET)

SET is a value-added feature for your web site, allowing additional informaiton to be logged on the visitor to your pages. With SET, you can make a note of the page or site the user was previously on that led them to your site! This will even yield terms and queries a user makes with the popular search engines, reveal other sites which are listing your URL, and web-based reviews and other references. If want to know where traffic to your site is coming from, SET is an invaluable tool. Data logged from SET can be easily viewed at your leisure from your own web browser. Pricing for SET is based on the "page" to which the system is tracking access - typically you'll want to track your main home page, but any page(s) in your site can be tracked if desired.

How useful is SET? Take a look at a real sample log from the Cardiovascular Institute of the South:

08/07/96 09:47:15 |  | slip2-07.dialin.uic.edu / | Mozilla/2.01Gold (Win95; I) |
    This is a typical log entry - showing the user hit the home page by either typing in the URL, or pulling it from his bookmark file; note he is from uic.edu (University of Illinois at Chicago) and calling in on a slip dial-up line running the registered version of Netscape 2.01 under Windows 95.
08/07/96 13:05:48 | http://www.cdlc.com/heart/HEARTLNK.HTM | csc-6853y.mgh.harvard.edu / | Mozilla/1.1N (Windows; I; 16bit) |
    This entry identifies a page at the cdlc.com site, with a reference to the CIS home page; it also shows that someone at Harvard University in Boston was there and visited the CIS page from it at about 1:05pm. After visiting the site we find out this is an ISP in Hawaii putting a link to CIS on their "Cardiac and diabetic WWW resources" page.
08/07/96 15:42:55 | http://medhlp.netusa.net/general/HRT-PAIN.HTM | ras-02.camosun.bc.ca / | Mozilla/1.22 (compatible; MSIE 2.0; Windows 95) |
    This entry is VERY interesting - it actually shows that another site has copied part of the CIS pages and placed it on their server. In the case of CIS, this is probably ok according to their terms, but some companies may not be too thrilled about seeing their content copied and placed on an outside network - SET can often identify these things.
08/07/96 14:51:16 | http://search.yahoo.com/bin/search?p=cardiovascular&y=y&e=139818&f=0%3A139818&r=Health | pool042.max13.new-york.ny.dynip.alter.net / | Mozilla/2.02 (Win95; I) |
    This is another informative entry - it shows a user finding out about the CIS site as a result of a seach on Yahoo - using keywords such as "cardiovascular" and "health". This can help you better target people and find out what interests your users have for visiting your site. What's also really neat is that you can see the entire results of the user's search query - to identify what other sites he may have visited, and what similar URLs were displayed in addition to yours.

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